Saturday, February 20, 2010

Machine for Sale in Central Texas

This is for sale from a lady in the Central Texas area. I haven't seen it, but if it's in good shape it's an amazing deal at $400. This is somebody's chance to move up to a terrific electronic machine (Knitking is a Brother machine) for very little money. Or, heck, start right out with machine knitting in a deluxe way!

However, I do think you'll need to be able to drive to her and pick it up.

Email me if you need her contact information.

Knitking Compuknit III Knitting machine, including stand, main bed, ribber, Lace carriage, color changer, pushers, aligning & other tools, dust cover, weights, manuals. $400.


  1. Diana,
    Just wanted you to know that I drove to Austin and bought the FBK from Beth. It is in great condition and it was well worth the trip. Have a small group coming this Saturday and I hope to have it set up and ready to go. I am still trying to finish my child's size 2 cardigan sweater and am ready to start the bindings around the fronts and neck. We had L Arthur over for a 3 day workshop and it was great. Now I have to work this new craft in with my spinning, weaving, beading, hand knitting and crocheting, and quilting. I have a small shop in my home with yarns, fibers and knitting accessories. Busier now that I have retired from private industry field. Stannie L in Baton Rouge, LA. If you hear from any FBK's who are located in my area, I would appreciate you directing to our group.

  2. Stannie,

    I also heard from the seller, who just loved getting to meet you and know you a little. She was saying what a great home the machine found. I feel a little left out - if I ever get to Baton Rouge, I want to see your shop! You know, I had a shop, many years ago (but am a full-time accountant now). Diana