Monday, October 18, 2010

Knit Natters Meeting Last Saturday - Pictures!

 We had such a great meeting last Saturday.  There were about a dozen people, and lots and lots of great show-and-tell.  We had new members as well as the old faithful folks.

At Knit Natters, we sometimes veer away from knitting...

Pat and Sara Tittizer did an extensive lesson about "plarn," plastic yarn.  They showed us how to cut plastic bags to make strips for knitting, crocheting, and weaving.  They showed us several different ways to cut the strips.

Pat and Sara also showed us how they've made totes, baskets, and rugs out of plarn.  Pat brought her spinning wheel to show the option of twisting it and plying it.

Sara was using knitting frames to weave a basket bottom, then knit the basket sides.
The first weekend in November, I'm teaching a knit seminar at the DFW guild (probably still some space if anyone wants to go).  The second weekend in November, instead of our regular meeting, we're going to attend Kid N Ewe.  Pat and Sara are teaching there.  I'll be driving a carload down for the afternoon on Saturday.

The December meeting will be our annual holiday gift exchange and potluck at Barbara's house.  Everyone brings something handmade or something craft-related for the gift swap, and we generally feast and giggle.

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