Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Knitting This Weekend

Friday night the Austin CPA Chapter had their annual scholarship fundraiser.  We attended and had fun.  Then, on Saturday evening, my employer (Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America) had one of its fundraising events, and we attended that, but as workers.  It was a long, busy evening, and went very well, but I didn't do much else yesterday.

After several days of keeping odd hours or being a little too keyed-up to sleep, I needed to slow down today.  After church, I took a long nap, and after that, I've been reading.

There goes the weekend!

I have two Butterick patterns sitting here that I ordered, thinking they'd make good knitting shapes.  They are #3030 and B5654.  B5654 is intended for knits.  #3030 is intended for woven fabrics and I'll have to be careful about it having too much ease.

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  1. I like your former King of Norway adverticement ;)