Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Again, and Knitting

Here's the hat, shown with the sweater that it matches.

I keep doing these, just trying to get it as good as it can be.  If I were "normal" and would knit more OPP (other people's patterns) I would get a lot more done!

This is just about the way I want it now, so it's time to start charting the other projects for the book. 

I thought the hat would make an interesting YouTube, but I had to film at a very overview, outline level - just how many stitches and squares and not a whole lot of exactly what to do, stitch by stitch.  If I put in all the usual detail, the video will be endlessly long.  The Entrelac book, which is just square Entrelac, has a video that is about two hours in length, and this would have to be longer.


  1. Wow what a GREAT set! I really like how they look together. So glad you develop your own patterns, it keeps me (and I am sure so many others) motivated to live outside my comfort zone and box.

    Thanks yet again!

  2. Hi Diana, nice entrelac set! I ran across your site because I just got ahold of a Bond sweater machine (the first version, not the Ultimate), and watched a few of your YouTube tutorials to help get going. I'm having some trouble, though, because it seems that I have to reset the needles to the forward working position in between every row, rather than just at the start and after introducing a new string. Any thoughts on why that might be happening or what to do to try and fix it? The machine seems to be working properly apart from that, but it's sort of a pain to have to stop and readjust in between each row. After the initial row I should be able to just pass the carriage over for the following rows, with the needles remaining in the working position (lined up with the edge of the needlebed), correct? Thank you for your videos, they've been very helpful!