Sunday, December 18, 2011

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We finally decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon.  This lovely cut tree had been sitting there, carefully set up in its stand since last weekend, but we didn't find time or energy to do the job. 

But it's up now, and sparkling.   We always do an old-fashioned, mixed-up tree, and I always enjoy pulling out the old ornaments; for instance, Steven's picture on a juice can lid with lace around it, the "Baby's First Christmas" ornament my mom needlepointed for John, the plastic doves from our wedding cake, the tiny stuffed teddy bears we bought when we were first married, and some of the wonderful knitted, tatted, and porcelain ornaments my knit club girlfriends have made for me.

As I sit here, contemplating a weekend where I didn't do a lick of knitting and feeling a little guilt because I've got some lovely projects lined up, I read my mail and a friend sent a link to this fun video of dogs decorating a Christmas tree:

Enjoy.  And I'll enjoy my finished tree! 


  1. My dream is to decorate a tree all in knitting ornaments. Last year I saw a lot of knitting ornaments in the stores. Knowing they were cranked out in China I just couldn't bring myself to buy any. I better get knitting if I want to make enough to cover a tree.

  2. Oh so very cute! Merry Christmas Diana and thank you for all you do.