Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Video - Ribbed Lilac Baby Blanket

Here is the video showing exactly how to make the ribbed lilac baby blanket that I showed on the blog a few weeks ago:

And, the photo of the finished baby blanket:

Note:  I washed the blanket in the washing machine on gentle, without soap, then tumbled it dry with only a scrap of a dryer sheet before I took it to the baby shower.  It was passed around the room and everyone was exclaiming over how very soft it was.  That settles it - from now on, I'm laundering all my acrylic gift afghans.  This turned out as soft as a kitty.


  1. Great video! I have used this pattern to make scarves using some stubby and soft yarns, wonderful.

    Beautiful blanket!

  2. Hello Diana
    Many thanks for this nice video I have a little problem: on my bulky Knitmaster and on my brother 970 I dont have the setting you mention near the ribber cariage dial. How can I do?
    Fran├žoise Paris France

  3. Look in your manual. For the ribber tuck part of the blanket, you need the setting that tucks to the left. For the main bed tucked part of the blanket, you need the setting that tucks on the main bed only to the right.

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