Friday, March 29, 2013

A Finished Object

 I filmed the making of this sweater as a part of the Knit Leader course, tucking in quite a few techniques and details to add value to the experience of learning to use your knitleader.
Of course, there is quite a bit more to do, since the course also needs to cover using the Knit Leader with the bulky machine, using it for Intarsia, making plus sizes on the knitting machine, and using the Knit Leader for crafty, non-garment projects. 
Here is the vertical buttonhole used in the sweater, the inset pocket detail, and the sleeve and the shoulder and armhole seams assembled on the machine.


  1. Love it! Is this going to be one of your purchased books/DVDs, or are you going to post a lesson video? I have a knit-leader, and was thinking of selling it, as I didn't think I'd have any use for it, since I have DAK 8. Maybe I'll hang on to it for now.

  2. I believe it will be a two-disk course.

    Hang on to your Knit Leader, it's an awesome contraption.