Monday, May 27, 2013

Inspiration at Rhythm of the Needles

Look at the adorable baby dress and then read the story.


  1. Thanks for posting about the dress I made for my daughter and is now worn by my granddaughter. It was a labor of love and I'm so glad that it's being passed on.

  2. I have kept some adorable handmade things that were my 29-year-old son's, in beautiful shape to pass on to a grandchild someday.

    My fave? A denim-colored wool blend button hoodie in Aran stitches hand knitted by my friend Dorothy M, back when I had my yarn shop! It is still gorgeous.

    I also have a lovely hand-crocheted LARGE baby blanket made by my friend Myrtle C from my shop days.

    I should dig these out and photograph them. Like your baby dress, they're a testimony to good workmanship - um, workwormanshop - and quality yarn!