Sunday, July 21, 2013

The News

After a spell of not blogging much, I've got a lot going on knitting-wise again now. I was out of action because I had two trips back to back, the Baltimore seminar and then a CPA meeting in Las Vegas. A week after that, I picked up a very nasty head cold and just didn't get much done for at least a week. Here's my latest knitting news:

Monroe Machine Knitting Seminar (Michigan) is THIS COMING WEEKEND, so I am literally packing my bags with a very few personal items and then gobs and gobs of knitted samples, books and DVDs! John is coming with me, and I'm teaching two days at a very nice environment at a college. We'll have a sound and video system, the organizer is fantastic, and I understand the food is absolutely delicious (including homemade cookies). There's another machine knitting teacher, as well, with classes arranged so you get each of us for a full day. It's two days of inspiration and information at a very low price. I don't know if the seminar is accepting any more enrollees, but if you're interested, email Cathy at right away.

Diana's new book:  Okay, I have mentioned that I have a new book, and yes, I actually do.  The title is "100 Ways to Improve Your Machine Knitting" and subtitle, "Get more knitting done, while having more fun!"  This one is all narrative, with no DVD, and is a big compilation of tips and basics.  It has taken a long time to write all those essays, add photos and diagrams and proofread it.  John's proofing today was incredibly meticulous, making every effort to catch every mistake, which isn't quite possible, but certainly worth the effort.  We're printing some copies this week and will offer the item for sale at the upcoming seminar, then next week (hopefully) here at the blog. 

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