Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Video - Mitered Ribbing

Have you ever short-rowed ribbing?  Want to try it out on something easy and useful?

This mitered ribbing sample is great for a button band or an edging.  This one is easy, I promise - you will set both carriages for short rows, and you'll use the edge weight hangers to keep pressure on the needles in work.  You could do this on any machine with a ribbing attachment.

I first hand knitted it in about 1979 for a button band, and I subsequently started using it in machine knit projects.   I've demonstrated this simple technique at seminars for several years:

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  1. Dear Diana, thanks for all your great videos! I learned so much from you during the past 4 years. Actually, I taught myself machine knitting with the help of your videos, some old machine knitting books and some friendly machine knitting forums! I don't think that I would be the machine knitter I am today without you and your generosity to share your considerable knowledge!