Sunday, April 13, 2014

Make a bunny (or several!) in time for Easter

Hi, everyone!  I had a great time at Knit Knack's Spring Fling, but just got home this afternoon and no time for much of a blog post.  The knitters at Spring Fling liked the machine knitted bunny, so that reminded me it's a week until Easter, and there's still time to make some.  (These are quick! You could say they "multiply.")

Start your engines!  It's time to make some Easter Bunnies!  Here is my YouTube that shows how to make a cute little toy out of a simple square of knitted fabric.

Oh, and friends, if you come up with something imaginative, please send a photo!  I'd love to see one in stripes, or fair isle, or perhaps this little soft toy could become a frog, puppy, or some other critter.  Email pics using the envelope icon on the left-hand side of this web page (scroll down a ways). and let me know if it's okay to run your pics on the blog.


  1. Have you any ideas on how to do seam as you go socks using sock yarn? I tried it, but my seams came out messy even though I uses your same techniques that you showed on your video seam as you go sock.

  2. These are lovely bunnies for Easter. I am going to make several of them. Thank you for this.