Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Video for June: Waffle Stitch

I'm continuing to put up a new video each month, trying for an interesting variety of techniques, and here's the June video.

This "waffle stitch" is a warm, textured, tucked stitch made easily with your ribber.  This lies flat and is great for blankets and jackets.  I filmed the demo on the easy-to-see bulky machine, but I hope you'll try it on a standard gauge as well.  Some of these chunkier stitch patterns are wonderful for giving some heft and interest to fabrics made with thinner yarns.


  1. This looks similar to Pick Rib with the RB tucking EOR by using the Auto-set Lever. I will have to make swatches to compare, they both look like they would be great for winter items. Thanks for making me look at my manual again. I keep forgetting what's in there. :)

  2. This is a great stitch for a necktie. I just tried it and it works really well.

  3. I just purchased your knit leader course and plan to make a hoodie from a sewing pattern. I'm new to metal knitting machines and ribbers, but would love to make the hoodie out of the waffle stitch. Is there a trick to doing shaping with this stitch, since it's made with the main bed and ribber bed? BTW, I love your YouTube videos. Anne

    1. Make your swatch in the waffle stitch, of course, for measuring. When you increase and decrease, just follow the numbers on the main bed and reduce the ribber stitches to go along with that. You will need to decrease on both beds, probably just moving the outside stitch in on each bed.