Saturday, September 20, 2014

September's Video - Foldover Edge Trim

I'm about to teach at the Fingerlakes Machine Knitting Seminar in Cortland, New York, but before I go do that, it's time to publish the September video:

I took September's technique out of my new baby blanket book.  This video shows how to do a very simple tuck stitch trim that I used to edge a couple of the different baby blankets.  It solves any rolling problems, and folds naturally in half so that it makes a great binding.  For the baby blankets, I used the sewing machine to put it on the purl side and then hand-sewed the knit side in place. The sewing machine stitches vanish into the thickness of the knitted binding, and I was very happy with the way it fits around corners and curves, too!

Here's a timesaving tip:  Avoid sewing down all of those yarn ends where the colors changed so many times by just knotting the yarn, cutting the ends, and hiding them inside the fold-over edging.   

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