Monday, October 13, 2014

Inspiration at Vanda's

Adorable embroidery on a baby blanket:

Hmm, while I'm thinking about it, did you know you can use counted cross stitch designs on your knits?  Here are a few things in mind, from my playing around with it:

1.  Generally, one cross stitch goes over one knit stitch, or V.  Or, you can work duplicate stitch, your choice.

2.  Knitting rows are a little shorter than stitches are wide - so patterns will be squished a bit, that is, wider than they are tall.  Either use a tuck stitch and go over two rows and lengthen the pattern a little, or choose a pattern where it won't matter.

3.  If you plan to use embroidery floss, check it for colorfastness first.  Just take a snip, put it on a white paper towel, spray it with water and let it sit so see if any color bleeds onto the paper.

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  1. Thanks Diana for the suggeramenmto delòla proofing