Friday, February 27, 2015

Health Benefits of Knitting

A hat tip to Canadian Artisan, who linked over to this article on the health benefits of knitting:

I got a kick out of the article.  I read the part about "higher cognitive functioning" to my husband, and he said we probably have higher cognitive functioning than dead people! 

Of course, the article is about hand knitting, but most of us MKers hand knit, too, and we sew things together by hand.  I find knitting incredibly soothing, especially hand knitting, and especially if the yarn is a yummy color and texture.

Oh - while you're over at Canadian Living, check out their  hand knitting patterns!  I've never seen this online mag before, and I like what I'm seeing.

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  1. I receive the newsletter of an organization that helps people recovering from addiction and mental illness. The last issue contained a piece by a young woman who said that when she joined, she was encouraged to join the knitting group, and to her surprise, knitting was proving to be the only activity that quiets her mind.