Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spring Fashion Trends - New Colors

Hat tip to My Blue Heaven knits:

I like these colors!  First of all, we're going to have plenty of color this spring.  Remember a couple years ago, when it was all so neutral?  I also appreciate that these are gentle colors, flattering on lots of people.

I don't understand how color trends happen.  I suppose some designer hits a home run and companies copy the nice theme and combination.  I do know that mysteriously, clothing, furniture, and all sorts of manufactured goods will follow the prevailing trends. 


  1. There is a company that produces colour samples for the printing industry, and somehow, they became the predictor of the "colour of the year". Pantone I think is the company.

  2. LOL! Didn't realize that was who you were linking to! I thought your link was going to "My Blue Heaven".