Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nedelina's Dressed-Up Circular Baby Blanket

Check out Nedelina's Circular Swirl Baby Blanket variation.  She's added some cute crocheted flowers in the center. I really like it.  She only has six sections, so perhaps she changed the numbers to make this work.  Or, maybe the knitting, which is so stretchy sideways, simply stretches this way.

The YouTube video for my blanket pattern:

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  1. Thank you Diana, I am honored that the person who I learn from and who inspires me likes my job. I did not change the number of stitches, actually after I started the blanket with three colors I realized that the model has 10 sections and it is not a multiple of 3 :) But when I finished I saw that even with 6 sections can be shaped circle. The truth is that in the middle it rises a little, so did the decoration with the nice flowers.After the blanket I knitted and a baby hat with a help from your video ( Here I change the number of stitches in order to achieve newborn size. I sent you a pictures. Well, my friend's baby was born a few days ago and now enjoys these beautiful gifts :):)