Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Scrappy and Blended Handknits

I actually do this a lot - I will use a number of different yarns to hand knit something.  I have made several afghans using different colors and textures for something beautiful -

Here's a very pretty one at Yet Another Canadian Artisan - listed under "Easy Chair Stash Busting."

It SO hot here - I vote for the easy chair!


  1. Hello Diana, I am just a beginner in machine knitting and I am very thankful to you for Your clear videos with different projects, you ar great teacher! I have a question about Your lesson 26, i-cord on the knitting machin. Do you know who is Author of this technick for knitting machines? As I googled befor in hand knitting i-cord technick was described in the book from 1856 but I can not find any information about machine knitting. Someone says same knitting on machines was used in early 1940 years in Europe but how to find proovement? I would thank you for any information about it! And thank you for you interesting and Nice lessons againe, With big respect you, Mila Heggland

    1. Knitting is a rather ancient craft, and it's safe to assume that most techniques were invented so long ago that finding the origination of a technique is probably impossible. Knitting machines, also, have been around a very, very long time, and those old knitters were very inventive.

      If you can figure out who invented I-cord for the knitting machine, I'd love to know!