Sunday, September 17, 2017

September's Video: Scrubbie

This might be the easiest, fastest project I've ever put up as a video:  A quick little kitchen scrubbie to knit.  This is using Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn.

Note:  Don't use the regular Scrubby yarn.  Scrubby Sparkle runs smoothly through LK150, Studio 860, and Brother 350 machines as well as bulky knitting machines.  I've even gotten it through a standard gauge machine on every other needle, just keeping a close eye on it.  I haven't tried the regular Scrubby myself, but it looks much too lumpy for our machines. 

This pattern is for the mid-gauge machine, but you can also make it over the same number of stitches and a medium tension on your bulky machine.

This is a little kick-back, no worries project.  Once you're worked this through once, you can probably make one faster than you can watch the video, and when you sew it up, you don't need to worry about perfect seams because the eyelash yarn covers any irregularities.  To These make cute little gifts for Secret Santa or "just because."

I ended the video with a brief overview of the mid-gauge book, which is the book that contains the scrubbie. 


  1. I love this! I'm always looking for something quick and easy to do on my LK150, and this is perfect! I think they'll make great stocking stuffers for my grown kids, plus a consumable gift for my elderly in-laws, since as people age consumables are the best gifts. Thanks for this!

  2. Hi Diana
    Love the video and your mid-gauge book, but I don't have a mid gauge machine....yet... You mention that the scrubby can be made on the bulky machine at a tighter tension. Can the other projects be made on the bulky at a tighter tension as well?
    Steve in PA

  3. I can't give a blanket answer. The items made with DK might work on a bulky machine. You just have to get the gauge!