Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Making My Own "Cake"

I've got a project for which I want a slow-changing, tweedy colored yarn.

I found some who-knows-what-it-is white slubbed yarn, and I'm using a twisting yarn winder to ply it with sock yarn scraps.  I knit a lot of socks, and have a lot of partial balls, since it normally comes in 50 or 100-gram balls.  Most of my leftover sock yarn is variegated or self-striping.  I'm putting maybe 100-150 cranks on the yarn twister in of one ball, then tying on another ball and continuing.

I had maybe ten balls that had some blue in them, and that's what I'm using.

I wasn't so sure I'd like this, but I knitted a sample, and am pleased.

Ah, back to the winding!  Good thing I'm listening to an interesting book.

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