Monday, March 4, 2019

New Video - Loose Loops for Binding Off

A practical little tip for March.  It's cold here - great knitting weather!

I've discovered that each machine is different for this - some work okay with a knitting tool, some with a chopstick, and for some, I just eyeball it and adjust it to make it more even right before I do the bind-off.  It's a timesaver, for certain, to have loose loops and go right across binding off quickly.

Sneak Peek:  In a few days, I will have a circular sock machine knitting book and DVD ready to sell!  The video is in duplication right now.  I am an avid CSM user, and just hope my approach to sock making will be helpful to others.

And, I'm madly knitting up patterns for a shawl and wrap book.  It's not as close to ready, but hey, it's ready when it's ready...  I had retired, but my replacement at the Boy Scouts resigned, so I'm helping out part-time until the audit is finished. I'm totally enjoying it, but it'll slow down the shawl book a bit.

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