Thursday, August 8, 2019

Asking me questions, making comments

I do love to get YouTube comments.  Most of them are encouraging, and many of them show me areas I ought to be covering or doing better.

Today I was trying to reply to a comment from Knitting Nana about necklines, and when I go to that video, the comment doesn't display.  So, as a stubborn critter, I go to "manage comments," and nope, it's not there.  I go to "spam" and find lots of comments that are not spam at all - in fact, I couldn't find any spam unless some of the ones in foreign languages are spam and I think those are about knitting, too.

Then there's "held for moderation."  I clean up some of those, but Knitting Nana's comment isn't there, either.

This has happened multiple times.  My email says I have a comment on YouTube, I want to reply, but I can't find it anywhere.

The truth is, I will never be able to communicate with you very well by using the comments on YouTube.  Some things are somewhat hidden, and then it's very difficult to go back and forth and clarify the questions.  Meanwhile, everyone else can read the "conversation" and that might help or send it down a rabbit trail, no telling.

If you want an answer, EMAIL ME.  There's an envelope icon here on the blog (left side, scroll down).  I check email daily unless something big is happening.

And then, I do my best to answer.  Sometimes I can truly help, and sometimes, I can't.

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