Saturday, January 11, 2020

Can you straighten a slightly bent needle?

I got this question from Noreen:

Hi Diane,

Just wondering if you can straighten needle latches if slightly bent to use again or do you need to replace them.I look forward to hearing from you.



Yes!  Oftentimes, you can just straighten a slightly bent needle.
  • You need the latch to flip open and shut completely freely.  If it sticks a little, replace this one.
  • The needle shaft has to be totally straight
  • The needle butt can't be open or crooked to one side
  • The hook needs to be the same circle as the others - not partially open or tighter
  • The latch needs to cover the hook when closed, be straight on top of the hook, since yarn has to slide freely over it.
This is a job for pliers.  I like to compare the straightened needle to another good needle.

I am a big believer in having spare needles on hand, and they're not very expensive, but I've also straightened them.

You'll need to test your straightened needle.  Sometimes after straightening, it looks good, but it doesn't work.  Sometimes you can't tell it's bad until you've knitted a while, and you'll see the occasional split or tucked stitch.

If it doesn't work perfectly, you need to replace it.  When in doubt, replace it!

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