Monday, July 20, 2020

Favorite Lace Videos

Today I'm putting the finishing touches on this weekend's seminar session, which is about making lace.  I can't put in half of what I'd like to include, but I want to share videos of some of the other cool techniques.

I've always been crazy about Brother knitting machine lace.  Here are some of my very best YouTube videos about lace:

Slant Lace Circle Scarf:  Let's start with the ridiculously easy slant lace technique!

Did you realize that you can make mirror-image lace on Brother machines, and when you have a design that is asymmetrical, the effect is fantastic?  This one is easy, too!

Now, how about a video showing exactly how to do short-row shaping in lace?

In the next video, I teach exactly how my automatic scalloped lace edging designs work on an electronic Brother machine, and I also teach how you can do something similar with certain Stitch World patterns.  Enchanted Edgings, which is my book of automatic lace edges, are just for Brother and Knitking.  They do not work on Silver Reed/Studio/Knitmaster machines.

You can also do Enchanted Edges on a punch card Brother, but you do have to use the charts for punch cards in the back of the book:

How about a lace ornament made with an unusual, extra holey lace?

And finally, a super cute lace to do on Studio/Silver Reed machines:

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