Wednesday, March 2, 2022

New Video - Seashell Shawl Techniques

 I posted a new video the other day about how to make the Seashell Shawl.

This is a really interesting stitch.  I've been working on the pattern the last few years, changing thing up to make it easier to do and to make it possible to knit it on all three gauge machines - bulky, mid-gauge, and standard gauge.  

I have tried this shawl in SO many yarns!  I never quite know how it will look in a particular yarn until I try a shell or two, and I especially loved it with two strands of thinner stuff and in self-striping yarns.  

I am not quite sure how many I have knitted, as I have given some away.  They take me a long afternoon (after some practice) but the standard gauge takes about twice as long.  More stitches, you know!  This is all short-rowing.

This pattern is available at and at Etsy.  It's a digital download.  It's actually three separate patterns for the three gauges, and I've added lots of photos and diagrams.  There's also a big diagram you can use to track your own progress.  

Here's a little video "ad" I did to Etsy.  You can see some of the other versions of the shawl in this quick little video.

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