Monday, January 12, 2009

January Knit Club Meeting

Knit Natters Saturday was wonderful. Barbara, Pat, Mary, Rose, Sylvia, and Mildred were there. Everybody liked the lace scarf, and I think the demo was easy enough. We showed Sylvia some things – it’s so encouraging that she’s already knitted so many good swatches and a nice scarf (lined, with fair isle on each end).

I couldn’t get over how nice Barbara’s project – a notebook of charity patterns for each of us – turned out. I had a few more to bring, and we added those. She had additional plastic sleeves. Rose and Mary from Marble Falls talked about their church’s charity knitting. They are very prolific knitters - once they get a pattern that works for their charities, they knit it dozens of times.

I talked to a friend at church about donating baby blankets to the hospital where she works. Because people have donated blankets that didn’t work, they give out a pattern now and even the yarn. Of course, the problem is that we want to do machine knit ones, which are not going to be out of the thick yarn they give volunteers. I’ll have to get some patterns cleared with them, and maybe another hospital or two. It sounds like I need about 24” x 30” blankets for the samples – they say bassinette size, and not crib size, but I can’t be sure until I talk to them.

The current “to do” list for my knitting:
1. Try short-butt needles in my Legare ribber (why not try them?)
2. Organize the book mess
3. Organize the yarn mess from my sock knitting leftovers
4. Wind my newest sock yarn acquisitions into balls, ready to go
5. Work on our website
6. Get my DAK cable working with the 970
7. Figure out more baby blankets and knit samples to show hospital.
8. Make the shawl out of the turquoise laceweight baby alpaca
9. Another lace scarf out of the other hank of hand-dyed baby alpaca

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