Friday, January 9, 2009

Rivet, Rivet

I still want to use only small hook cylinder needles with the 72/36 combination on the Legare. I had found that the yarn comes out a little outside the hook and was thinking about a way to pad the yarn feeder so the yarn pathway would move in just a tiny bit.

Last night, John and I found an ordinary sewer’s rivet in my sewing things and he pushed it into the Legare yarn carrier.

The red rivet makes the yarn come out just a millimeter or two closer to the cylinder needles. The photo shows the small hook cylinder needles (vertical needles) and how they now have the turquoise yarn feeding exactly into them.
It wasn’t deep enough to crimp around the Legare yarn feeder, so it’s on there with a drop of Super Glue. We can get it off if we need to.

It does seem better! However, I have cranked a few feet of ribbing and it isn’t perfect. Especially with some yarns, it drops a cylinder stitch once in a while. Not all fingering weight sock yarn is alike, and it looks like the fatter ones need a bigger stitch size, higher ribber plate, and a waxing. I plan to adjust and knit with it a little more and see if I can actually use only the small eye needles.

A box from Webs arrived yesterday! I’d ordered at their year-end sale. I snagged some Regia Stretch sock yarn, some Trellis yarn for handknitting scarves, and some stretchy cotton sock yarn.

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