Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ribber Videos

Whoo-hoo! Did a couple videos (maybe it's three, I'm not sure until I edit) before going to the airport! My hubby encouraged me to do that because the editing and uploading take the longest. I can edit on my trip. If these are okay, I will have some of the very beginner lessons uploaded at the next place where I have high-speed internet!

The most interesting thing here is something that is NOT in your manual - it's called an e-wrap ribber cast-on. I hope my filming turned out and I can put it up, away from my knitting machines as I will be.

I'll be visiting my sister and her family in Orange County, California in a few days. Her son is an internet wizard, THE Thomas Zwaagstra of MySpace fame, who wrote some wonderful software and has had a successful internet business since he was 15. My sister is very supportive of my teach-everyone-to-knit passion, and I'm sure they'll let up upload if I've got something ready to go!

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