Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recognize The Real Signs of Drowning and Save a Life

The possibility of someone drowning - even with people nearby who can help - is a terrifying reality. Drownings and near-drowning are horrifyingly common.

Whenever I'm at a public pool, I wonder how on earth the lifeguards can tell whether children are in trouble, so I asked one of my son Steven's friends, who was lifeguarding, about how to recognize a swimmer in distress. He told me a little about his training and experience. Problems are common, and not just drowning, but he also saw dehydration and heat exhaustion cases. Teenage girls who are on the verge of fainting because they do not eat and drink account for plenty of problems in the sun and water.

Here's an interesting article:

Recognize The Real Signs of Drowning and Save a Life

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  1. My father drowned 50 years ago this past May when I was not quite 1 & he was 26. That has always been 1 of my fears for my children & grandchildren - I insisted my children complete all the Red Cross swim lessons. My daughter hasn't quite done the same with the grandkids, but at least they have had some lessons.