Friday, July 23, 2010

Whoo-Hoo! "Enchanted Edgings" finished

I will make a detailed announcement later, but want everyone to know (because I'm thrilled) that my new book and DVD, "Enchanted Edgings" is finished. The book is 30 pages and has lots of fancy lace edgings knitted automagically on the Brother/Knitking knitting machines. The DVD has very detailed instructions.

The books are printed and the DVDs are being copied. Included on the DVD is a file with DAK stitch pattern files, both .stp and .pat, for those who can utilize them. For electronic machines, you can put the pattern in using the input keys or mylar, and for 24-stitch punchcard machines, you can punch a card, adding the two rows of holes at the top and bottom for overlapping the card and making a continuous loop.

The book/DVD combo sells for $25 and again, if you order two or more items, I only charge shipping on the first.

So why am I so excited? First of all, because I think it's my best work yet, and secondly, because I can move on to more exciting things now. I have a whole list of interesting MK ideas to chase next.


  1. Oh dear! I must be missing a "contact Diana" link somewhere. I have a question about translating the blue quilted scarf in the book/DVD to a Studio machine. I must be missing SOMETHING as I just end up knitting tubular forever!

  2. Oh dear -- I must be missing a link to ask questions about the scarf DVD/book that I purchased. I have a question about translating Brother to Silver Reed/Singer/Studio. I just end up with a tube on the blue, quilted scarf!

  3. Where do I ask a question about a technique from a book/DVD? I'm looking for some help translatig from Brother to Silver Reed on the blue quilted scarf. I have a Singer 155. I'm obviously missing something here!

  4. Elaine, email me at diana_knits "at" sbcglobal "dot" net. I will do my best. I do not knit on Silver Reed, so I'll probably have to ask my readers how to do this. It's very difficult to answer questions in the comments section - I don't know if you can find my answers.

    It is set up for circular knitting, but selecting a few needles to knit instead of slip.

  5. Up for a silly question Diana? Are those knitted long ways or short way? What I mean is do you have stitches all the way across the bed or do the edgings knit in a strip?


  6. They're only 24 stitches wide, except for the scarf, which is wider, and they're knitted as long as you want.