Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now Available: Goldilocks Challenge Book & 2-DVD Set

The Goldilocks packages are finished - and finally for sale!

The whole Goldilocks Challenge was about making terrific gifts using worsted yarn on either an Ultimate Sweater Machine or a Japanese bulky machine.   The book contains plenty of sizes and it's jammed with important machine knitting technique lessons, as well.

DVD #1 Contents:
  • Scarf with latched cables for adults & kids
  • Hat to match scarf in four sizes
  • Mitten to match hat/scarf in four sizes
  • Round tam in four sizes
  • Big, fat slipper sock in 13 sizes
DVD #2 Contents:
  • Knitting the slipper on the bulky machine
  • Twirl baby blanket 
  • Sew-as-you-go technique for mitten thumb
  • Sparkly half-circle shawl
  • Baby raglan sweater
  • USM buttonhole technique
The Goldilocks Challenge was all about urging non-machine knitters to try the craft, and therefore, this package contains a tremendous amount of material to help beginners learn to make great-looking knits.  In addition, these designs are recipes for success for other knitters who want excellent patterns for their bulky machines.  Therefore, the DVDs and book cover cast-ons, bind-offs, two types of latched ribbing, two methods of doing a small buttonhole, and short-rowing.

There's great personal satisfaction in a solid understanding of how to sew your knitting together so it looks great.  Let's aim for blue-ribbon finishing techniques, finishing that's "just right," as Goldilocks would say.  With that in mind, as much video detail as possible is included to show finishing, and mattress and Kitchener seaming instructions and diagrams have been included.http://www.dianaknits.com/

SPECIAL:  This set with book and 2 DVDs will be priced at $30 plus shipping, but during this introductory period, they're $25.00 if purchased from this page using PayPal:

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  1. Yes! Bought them tonight, can't wait to get them. Thanks!

  2. That looks a great set! Thanks for being there for the machine knitting community!

  3. If you click on "Buy Now", PayPal doesn't seem to know it's you I want to send money to. The link just brings me to MY main page. I'd have to have the email address you have associated with PayPal in order to be able to send money to you from there. The "Add to Cart" button knows it's you, however. Don't know if there's some way you can fix the "Buy Now" button.

  4. Sorry. I'll work on it this weekend.

    Paypal has changed the buttons, and it's difficult. My husband says the view cart button is acting weird, too.

  5. Hi Diana! I ordered it!! Too impatient. Also very happy to encourage your projects that become challenges for us ... See you soon. I'll tell you what I think about when I receive it. Best regards. J. A. (France)

  6. Mine arrived yesterday - thanks so much! Such a lovely collection; I'm casting on tomorrow, once I decide which one will be first.

  7. Mine has shipped! No wonky issues with PayPal will keep me away from ordering your books! LOL!

    I've already made the tam on my bulky machine with the tension dial set as loose as it will go to make the hat slouchier. It's my everyday winter hat now. Looking forward to learning buttonholes, as it's my understanding they're quite complicated. Thinking of doing the hat/scarf/mitten sets as holiday gifts this year, too. Can't wait for it to get here!

  8. Just did mine through paypal. I have a P.O. Box so the address always says "unconfirmed", but it is legit. :p

  9. Great resource for beginners, lots of extra information. Wonderful job!

  10. Is there a typo on the Half Circle Shawl? You say to cast on 80 sts in WY, but cast on 99 sts in MY. Did you get an overall measurement? I've been asked to make little girl sizes (6 & 8 y.o.), so I planned to make the original pattern and figure out the math to resize it.
    Thank you,

  11. I don't have the book with me right now, but it should be 99 stitches. I could measure the shawl at home - you will probably want to resize it for a child. It's not overly large for an adult, but it's going to be too large for a child.

  12. Can the Goldilocks Challenge patterns be used with ease on the LK150?

  13. Yes; however, I believe the LK150 is a midgauge machine. For everything to fit, you need a gauge of about 4 stitches and 6 rows to an inch.

  14. Diana I've posted pictures of my girls' version on Ravelry. My ID is etrnlife or you can see them in the Machine Knitting Group. I've got them sized to fit girls 5-10 years old. They are getting lots of attention with the 5-7 year olds. ;p Thanks for the pattern.