Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finished Entrelac Round Yoke Sweater

Here's the forest green sweater, finished.


  1. Very nice! I'd like to see it on a model.

  2. Looks really great, Diana! What a great idea, using this beautiful tecnic for a yoke. I´m just trying it out using your clever method but certainly on a straight piece of knitting.

  3. It's very bulky and chunky looking - I was going for warm and cozy. It does fit.

    My plan was to work all the bugs out with this prototype and then write a bunch of sizes. I want to try it with thinner yarn.

    I have a big list of very interesting shaped Entrelac ideas. Execution is slow, though. Maybe this will be a book.

  4. That is oh so beautiful Diana! did you knit this on the usm or your 270?

  5. Knitted on the 270. Feel certain it could be practically knitted on the USM, but you'll have to work-around a bit for the short-rowing on the foundation and ending rows.

    Currently making a shaped hat...