Saturday, March 3, 2012

Audacious Ambition

I want to teach lots of people to machine knit.  Outrageously, since I'm using the internet and YouTube, I would like to teach more people to machine knit than anyone else has.

I am certain I have a long way to go, but would you answer my poll question I'm putting up about this?


  1. As I have said before, there are many times I wish I was your neighbor. But since I am in Florida, thank goodness for youtube and you!!

  2. yes, where is the question?
    Kathe, Denmark

  3. It's the poll. It'll stay up about a week.

  4. I just started to machine knit when someone from the local machine knitters group recommended that I watch your videos. So I voted that I was already a machine knitter but I was barely a machine knitter. I have since learned tons from your videos and I hope you keep posting more. Thank you for all of your help.

  5. Diana,

    Not sure how to answer the questions... but I just ordered your beginning DVD set as well as the sock DVD to really start learning about how to use a couple of old machines that I have as well as a new-to-me machine that I just acquired. I'm not located near anyone who teaches so it made sense to me to get started using your DVD. I've knit yardage before to prepare for dyeing... but I'd like to do more.


  6. I too am a just-barely machine knitter and I love all the info you give us! It has helped me soooooo much - can't wait to make the Swirl Blanket.... :)