Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All Pumped About Northern Virginia Seminar

Tonight, I'm packing to go to the seminar in Northern Virginia.  Diana Guenther, the organizer, has told me that we have about 32 signed up.  The handouts are written, the samples and tools are tucked in the bags, and I'm very excited about the trip.

This may be my best handout book ever, as I keep adding goodies and not taking much out.  I put in lots of patterns and techniques, more than I can possibly cover in the two days...but you never know!  I managed to get through all my material in San Diego, and shocked myself.  It just depends on how advanced the group is, how well they manage their time, and whether they have special requests.

I also packed up my new 2013 Demos disk as a freebie for the seminar customers.  This was great fun to make - I simply picked out a bunch of fairly recent videos and compiled it.  I make my videos in high-def, then put them on YouTube, which makes them into smaller, less detailed files and shows them in a little window.  I took those original high-definition ones to make the disk, which will play nicely on a TV or a computer.

I have such cool projects in the works!  I won't have the new book with 100 tips to improve your machine knitting in time, as I am still photographing samples and making diagrams for that book.  I am also working on the hand knitting book again - I think I'll call it "Snowflakes" because it's a book of lacy and geometric round dishcloths, seamlessly grafted. 

I have some more hat ideas.  I don't know, maybe we'll have a hat book, and maybe not.  Because Knit Natters is doing hats for charity this year, I've got hats on the brain.  Hats on the brain is some sort of knitter's disorder, I'm sure. 

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  1. I can't wait to see your cool projects and "Snowflakes" sounds like a great Christmas Present I hope so! I love all your help! I am was inspired at the San Diego meeting and working with Nancy that I am doing lace work now. I really enjoy it. I hope to see more. Have a great time, Valery Roberts