Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have decided to acknowledge that I have a problem, which alone, I am powerless to overcome.  I realized, at long last, that my knitting was interfering with my ability to lead a normal life.  From now on, when my husband speaks, I will listen instead of daydreaming about my next project, and when my grown children show up for a holiday, I'll be able to feed them at the table without moving a pile of half-sewn knitted items.  I'll have rooms with a little space instead of great piles of books, patterns, cones of yarn, equipment, and half-made things.

My poor family will receive gifts that were actually purchased in the stores instead of an endless parade of socks and blankets.  When I attend meetings, I will not be Kitchenering sock toes.

Eventually, when I am truly recovered, I hope to sleep through the night and not wake up with ideas.  And, I should manage to go about my business peaceably without sudden compulsions to knit-test those ideas.  I will actually watch television (instead of listening while doing handwork and annoyingly, asking John what just happened).

I will walk right past yarn shops and yarn aisles, and never again will my loved ones say, "uh-oh, there she goes into the yarn aisle..."

Just as I would have to discard all bottles of alcohol if I were in recovery from alcoholism, or sever all criminal associations if I were on probation, I am eliminating all machine knitting equipment and yarn from my home and disassociating myself from other addicted unfortunates.  Instead, I will faithfully attend MKA meetings and embark on this journey one day at a time.

April Fools!  Have a fun day!



  1. That was just mean. LOL

  2. You almost had me until you got to the part about eliminating all knitting machines. I knew you couldn't do it!

  3. Don't ya just luv it??!!

  4. I read the "announcement" to John over coffee this morning, and he laughed at the part where I watch TV instead of doing handwork and asking him what just happened! He knows that's a pipe dream! I make him crazy doing that; I even do it when I'm watching-the shows are edited to move very fast now. Between the muffled soundtracks and the jumpy editing, you better not go refill your coffee!

    I've mentally divided shows into categories, the shows where you have to watch and the ones where you can sew.

  5. Good one!! You had me totally. Scared the daylights out of me.

    I'm with you completely on only watching shows you can sew/knit/iron/XX to. Pretty much means I've given up watching anything with subtitles;-)

  6. Diana, it would be a sad day to see you disappear from the knitting scene, although I enjoyed your April Fools Day joke, knowing all the while it was tongue-in-cheek.

    I LOVE your tutorial clips. You are a great teacher - you explain the WHY for doing something and your explanations are always clear and able to be understood. The visual is also excellent.

    A big thank you for sharing the wonderful knowledge you have. It's great to see you say you get a buzz out of it too.

  7. What a FRIGHT!!!!!