Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tucked Ribbing Ideas

A lot of knitters do full-needle-rib tucked patterns, and generally, any pattern that will work in single bed tuck will work in FNR tuck, but you'll need a thin thread.  

Here's something a little different.
Go through your tuck lace patterns and look at where the empty needles are.  Those might just work as ribber stitches - for instance, on Stitch World Pattern 284, the third and 7th needles are empty.  They work beautifully as ribber needles.

Once in a while, this doesn't work, but it often does work quite well.  You must knit samples with the yarn you want to use!

Avoid the really extreme ones - for instance, 286 in the photo, with 4 tucks in a column, will work in some yarns and give you heartburn in others.

See those vertical white stripes in the Stitch World diagrams?  Those absolutely have to be either an empty needle or a ribber needle.  The machine cannot tuck on every row.


  1. Hi Diana---I tried your fnr tuck pattern idea with really good results. I put some pics up on my blog if you care to check it out. Thanks!