Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Diana up to?

Some of my ribber scarves are shown, from the top:

1.  Light blue, super warm scarf in my "quilted" technique
2.  Ivory bulky scarf in a tucked ribber "lace"
3.  Honeycomb scarf in variegated sport yarn
4.  English Rib scarf in a very thin, fussy green/multi yarn
5.  Zigzag racked scarf (I have a video on YouTube for this one)
6.  Red standard gauge wavy tucked scarf
7.  Purple FNR tucked scarf
8.  Not shown, burgundy mohair tucked lace scarf

I'm about half finished with the DVD and written instructions.

Too many knitters don't get a lot of use out of their ribbing attachments.  We don't want to knit endless samples to learn - we want to actually make something!  My whole objective in creating these scarves and making a book and videos is to actually get folks using those ribbers, which do wonderful, fancy stitch patterns.

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