Sunday, August 8, 2010

Holding my breath about Enchanted Edgings

I have mailed a bunch of books and DVDs out, and many have been received by now.  I greatly anticipate people trying the technique.  Is it as cool as I think it is?  What are you making with it?

I think it would be terrific around the circular swirl blanket, for one idea.

I'm knitting tams.  Two made so far, and a simple video about 1/4 done.  It's a fun little project for almost any machine.  More later!


  1. I have knitted the Fairy Godmother lace from Enchanted Edgings and it is beautiful. Thanks Diana.
    Jane UK

  2. Hi Diana,

    Just recieved my copy, great technique you have found there! Now I just wonder if you know how to do it on Knitmaster/Silver Reed machines? I assume it is possible, if just the end needle selection can be altered. Have you had any tips from other readers?
    Kathe Lewis, Denmark

  3. Someone is trying to do the edgings on a Toyota, and some people are playing with them on Silver Reed. However, since I don't have a Silver Reed machine with a lace carriage, I just don't know if they'll do the two critical things: 1. Select end needles in lace and 2. Slip selected needles on the MC passes.