Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afghans For Our Troops - Passap E6000 Pattern by Barbara Deike

Barbara Deike not only is setting an example for us knitting for the troops, but she's sharing her pattern for afghans on the Passap E6000.  You should see and feel these wonderful, double-jacquard afghans!  These are some of the actual afghans she's finished to send to our soldiers in Afghanistan!  Knit Technique #186 makes a DJ with a back that "shadows" the pattern front.  These are washable, warm, soft and colorful. 

Afghans for Our Troops

Using PASSAP Knit Technique 186

By Barbara Deike

These are very easy Afghans to do. Over the years I have purchased or have been given yarns that were not appropriate for a sweater but will work very nicely for an afghan. The yarns I used were about the thickness of Bramwell Duo Magic. This was my favorite yarn, when it was still being made. My 8 year old granddaughter and I looked in the E6000 pattern book and picked out what we thought would make a great afghan for Afghanistan!

So far, we have tried patterns 1146 and 1151. These are 40 stitches by 40 rows (40X40). Pattern 1151 can have a border on it. Also, we chose 20 stitches by 20 rows (20X20) patterns 1149 and 1150. I played with the math to get the size I wanted.

Yarn needed is about 10 oz each of any 2 colors of your choice.

Stitch size 5 on both beds.

Racking cast on #3

I used math to decide how many stitches to cast on for pattern 1151. I knitted two; one with a nice border (knits a little narrow), and one without the border. Also, I wanted to knit complete patterns, not have a partial design on each side, so again, I used math to work out needle numbers for complete patterns. Math is so much fun! So, here we go.

Pattern 1151 and 1146 without a border:  Cast on 160 stitches (-80/80). This = on the right and left of 0, 1-20 stitches is ½ of the pattern. 21-60 is one complete pattern and 61-80 is ½ of the pattern. That gives you 3 compete pattern and a half-patterns on each end.

Every 160 rows = one pattern. Knitting 7 patterns = 1180 rows. Cast off with a loose cast off.

Pattern 1151 with a border (this will knit a little narrow):  Cast on needles from 62 left and 61 right. Look at the diagram, and you will see that on the left there is 1 column of main color and on the right there are 2 columns with main color only. That will give a 3 stitch border - see black and red afghan. This will give you 3 compete patterns.

Patterns 1149 & 1150 are 20X20 in size.  Cast on 160 stitches (-80/80) this = on the right and left of 0, 1-10 is ½ pattern 11-70 is 3 compete patterns and 71-80 is ½ a pattern. This = 7 compete patterns across and ½ pattern on each end.

Every 80 rows = one pattern. Knitting 12 patterns = 960 rows. Cast off with a loose cast off.

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