Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diana's In Dallas

But not for long.

We drove up Friday morning and I attended the annual meeting of the Texas Society of CPAs.  That was in Ft. Worth this time.  We had Steven with us, and he dropped us at the (very nice) Omni hotel and went on to visit a high school friend and his brother John in Richardson.  The meeting were terrific.  My favorite things were a party in a friend's suite (the hotel gave her a room bigger than several apartments I've had, with a huge wrap-around balcony on a high floor.  I guess they were just out of ordinary rooms.  We stood on the balcony and watched fireworks!) and listening to Congressman Conaway's talk about the deficit (he's a CPA).

When the meetings were over Saturday afternoon, we drove to Richardson ourselves (just a little northeast of Dallas) to see John and Kelly.  After visiting with them and having a giant burger, we took a needed nap and then John and I went to the movies.  We saw Source Code, enjoyed it thoroughly, and returned to the hotel to find that Steven had gotten dinner and beer samples at the sports bar nearby and then gone down to the pool and made friends from our area.  There's a saying in Texas for people like him, "He never met a stranger."  I think that after I was asleep Steve went back out to see his friend again.

Today we're having breakfast with John and Kelly, and then we drive home.   It'll be nice to be home, too, but this was very refreshing.

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