Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Useful Gadgets - Yarn Clips

Check out these clips for seaming, over at Angelika's:

The problem is, you want to line up two pieces of knitting for seaming that don't match - perfect example is a set-in sleeve or a collar.  You need a way to baste, so the pieces are where you want them, and this is one way.

I wouldn't leave those clothespin-like ones on the knitting for long, though, as they'd crush the stitches.  They'd be good for just the time it takes to sew the seam.  I might try small clothespins, since I keep both the small and big ones around all the time.

Another way is to sew small pieces of yarn from one piece of knitting to the other and then tie a single overhand knot, which I do very often.  I should do some photos.  It really is handy.

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