Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Fat Oops on Tom's Troop Cap

I got a comment on the new video about the full-fashioned decreases on the last few rows, letting me know the math didn't work!  Well, I didn't notice - sorry.

Those should have been double decreases!  I didn't do it that way, not that my caps aren't okay, but doing the double-decreases is certainly going to give you a better outcome.  It's one more clever thing Tom did with the cap pattern.

Will I film it again?  I don't know; I'm rather tired today from the office move, an ongoing adventure, but I can do some sort of correction.   I might just re-film the decrease part.  I want to try knitting it that way anyhow and see how much difference it makes in the crown shaping.  I bet it makes quite a significant difference.

To do a double decrease with the triple transfer tool, you transfer the stitches to the 3-prong tool in the usual way and then put the tool in the hooks so that the first needle at the edge has one stitch on it, the second is doubled up, and the third is doubled-up.  Bingo - 2 stitches decreased instead of one, and you can still seam one stitch from the edge and not have to sew through a double-up (no seams on this hat, though).

If you do the double decreases, you'll do the 32 decreases specified in the pattern.

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