Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am looking forward to the end of my current busy-ness.  Since we're moved into the new office, it should quiet down.  I have a vacation coming up pretty soon, too.  This means y'all will hear from me a little more often soon.

Today, Sunday, I slept in to 7:30, then went to church with John (who had been up long before me), then ran an errand at the store.  After that, we had lunch with a very fun couple from the Model A Club at a lakeside  restaurant in Volente.  I had never been there before.  There is a small water park there with low prices, and we watched children riding the water slides as many times as they wanted, since there were virtually no lines.

Next, we stopped at home for a few supplies, and John and I went to my office, where we ran into the Dabbs family (my boss, his wife and their super cute little girl).  He's been spending a tremendous amount of time at the new office, getting ready for opening tomorrow.  John helped me with setting up a computer, while I updated some data files so we can use only the new server.

After that, we grabbed fast food and then bought groceries.  I normally cook almost every meal, but this last week, I only cooked breakfasts.

Finally, we came home and packed book and DVD orders. We were very excited to see quite a few orders today - someone must be spreading the word, maybe online, about my knitting products.  The Beginner Course is doing well, which means it was something people believe is useful, a pleasing development.

One day a few months ago, in a fit of grandiosity, I thought to myself, "I want to teach more people to machine knit than anybody ever has!"  How's that for a completely wacky goal?  Of course it isn't a competition at all - it's a effort among enthusiastic hobbyists, dealers, teachers and designers to help people get the most out of these wonderful machines.  When I teach someone to knit, hopefully that person will buy products from other people, get involved with charity knitting, attend a knit club and generally help our craft.  Maybe that person will become a designer, teacher, or dealer, too!  I am making my dent with about a 1,000 free video views a day, emails from people who have either learned from me or at least learned something from me, and now this beginner course is selling steadily.

I plan to edit the new slipper video and pattern and post that, hopefully in the next few days.

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