Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Videos - Tom's Troop Cap

Here are the videos showing how to do Tom Panciarello's terrific hat pattern.  This is an ideal pattern if you want to knit for our troops, and I also recommend it if you'd like to learn more about circular knitting:


  1. I'm confused! In the video you do a full fashioned decrease of 1 stitch on each end of each bed, which is four stitches per round. It's repeated 4 times to equal 16 stitches, yet you, and the pattern say to decrease 32 stitches. Help!

  2. Yikes! I asked Tom, who said those were supposed to be double-decreases! See my latest post.

  3. Thank you, Diana for the videos! And big thanks to Tom.
    I made kinda the same hat, but it was doubled. It is for winters, so not just ears, but the head could get a treat.

  4. Diana, as a beginning machine knitter, I want to thank you for this video. I learned several valuable lessons making it including patience, setting up my machine for circular knitting, hanging the hem with ravel cord and getting the tension to match on the ribber and the main bed. One of our children is in Afghanistan. This is his second tour of duty so this project was a must do for me.