Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You, Chicago Machine Knitters

Thanks, Chicago knitters!  Thanks especially to Kanella, who gave up her Saturday to pick up Barbara and I at the airport and show us around Chicago, to Shirley, who hostessed the seminar in her lovely home, to Pam, who helped with many things, plus the video, to Mary, who did so much organizing and took us to the airport on Monday, and to Barbara, who shared yarn shop war stories at dinner.  Thanks to my friend Barbara, who played faithful sidekick and made this much more possible for me to do.

Even the weather smiled on us, with gorgeous sunshine on sight-seeing day and lovely drizzle for knitting weather on knitting day.  Ah, you wonder why we were so grateful to see drizzle?  We've nearly forgotten what rain looks like in Central Texas!

Also, thanks to everyone who attended the seminar, asked wonderful questions, volunteered to try some of the techniques on the machine, brought show-and-tell, made purchases, brought food, set up, cleaned up, and took us for wonderful meals.  Special kudos to the maker of the pumpkin cheesecake squares, the chocolate chip cookie baker, and the brownie bringer!

While I'm at it, thank you to the people who are dues-paying members to this wonderful organization and make live seminars with guest teachers possible.  Just imagine, a city with three machine knitting groups (not counting their circular sock knitters) and even active dealers!  Gosh, if you have organizations in your city, you need to join up and soak up all the wonderful resources.


  1. Hello Diana,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to our club! Your demonstrations, lectures, and all the examples were so wonderful, and the documentation handout - spectacular! You really planned for us, and were so generous with your time.

    And, it was nice to finally meet the talented teacher behind all those free online videos.

    We didn't want it to end, and I hope we have you back again!

    Thanks you, Theresa Pacek (chocolate chip cookie baker, web mistress, and blonde who took up most of the foreground in pictures!)

  2. Theresa, I had a huge chocolate chip cookie myself. You can't go wrong with chocolate.

    I have to apologize - I keep saying 'Chicago' instead of Burr Ridge. In my mind, when I write blog posts, I'm thinking about readers from other areas who wouldn't have a clue where Burr Ridge is but certainly know about Chicago!