Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wow...Spring Fling in Peru, Indiana

Barbara and I traveled today to Peru, Indiana to teach at Spring Fling at the Knit Knack Shop.  I rushed to finish packing last night and got up before 4 this morning to get on our way after not much sleep, as I was so keyed-up about seminar.

I have the "Wear Your Diamonds" books and DVDs offered for sale for the first time at this seminar.  The other teachers - WELL - Sandee Cherry, Susan Guagliumi, Marcia Hauser, and Deb Oswald - talk about a fantastic lineup!  I'm looking at the list of classes they are doing at the same time I'm doing mine, and it's awesome.   I'm looking forward to seeing some of the knitters I met at other seminars, too, especially some of the Chicago people.  The venue is wonderful, a great, big room absolutely stuffed with samples, items for sale, and demonstrators. 

Charlene is taking some walk-ins, so if anybody's on the fence, listen up and show up.  Gosh, who wouldn't want to do a class on knitted jewelry or an intarsia brush-up from these terrific teachers?

Peru is a nice town, and we have beautiful weather, although it might rain later.  I'm enjoying the coolness, since it's been so hot in Texas.  Now we're esconced at the Great Western.  I'm dropping this quick blog post and then I'm going to review my materials for tomorrow.   Tomorrow's my easy day, where I go over lots of my basic techniques and my garter bar tricks.  Then I'm going to do some of my most popular projects and the shaped Entrelac hat (which is the introduction to the shaped Entrelac sweater techniques).

Saturday, I'll hit the lace, the scalloped lace with stitch world, the automatic lace edgings, then do the circular sock, some ribber trix, and then I put together a few novelty demos to fill in with. 

Well, better run.  I need to be smart in the morning!


  1. Diana...very much enjoyed meeting you at the 2012 Spring Fling, participating in your classes, and sharing lunch with you on Friday. I'm still very much interested in the machine you wish to sell. Please contact me and let's see if we can come to some agreement. Louise

  2. Email me at diana_knits "at" sbcglobal "dot" net so we can share more contact information. I just arrived home and haven't thought about much of anything yet...will have to figure out a price and so forth.