Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Feet

I love this new slipper design.  It actually comes off the machine finished (lined and assembled!) except for sewing in the start and finish yarn ends, and it has a neat-as-a-pin, precise look about it.  They fit well, too.

Pictured from left:  The lavender slippers are just my size (women's size 8 shoe).  They were knitted on the LK150 with Baby Bee, white inside (just leftovers).  I've calculated all 12 sizes for the mid-gauge slipper.

The brown slippers are knitted on my Brother bulky with Impeccable yarn, brown outside, variegated inside, more leftovers.  This pair fits about a man's size 10.  This will be the first choice slipper for the soldiers because it's the thickest and fastest to knit.  I have a lot of partial balls of worsted weight and have a plan to mix up the colors and use those smaller balls. 

I enjoyed knitting the standard gauge green variegated slippers, using a good self-striping sock yarn and letting the colors stripe wherever they wanted.  I thought they were especially cute, and using the wool sock yarn inside and out makes them warm even though they're a much smaller gauge.    They're going to wear well, since the sock yarn is 75% wool (superwash) and 25% nylon.  Good sock yarn costs a little more and is SO worth it!

My first slipper using this schematic was the darker pink mid-gauge ones in front.  It's a girls' size.  Of course, I also had to knit the smallest size, because baby stuff is cute simply because it's so small.  These baby ones are also mid-gauge in just a dab of pale pink yarn and white for lining.

All the slippers still need a nonstick gooping job (just a little silicone scribble on the bottoms to avoid the slip-and-slide miseries).  I also plan to film the techniques, as well, and with the sew-as-you-go toes, I'll have to show that very carefully.

Maybe with all the great slippers I've cooked up (there are a number of other ones, as well), I'll produce a slipper book in lots of gauges and sizes.  What do you think?


  1. I think that is a great idea!! I can't wait for the book to come out. That is the best looking slipper I have seen on the web in along time. I'm so glad you decided to chart for the mid-gauge too. I have your bulky slipper pattern that I knit on the mid-gauge. I am not the math whizz that you are so it was slow going but I eventually got them charted & knitted. They are well loved by their owners.

  2. I am slightly more than a beginner in machine knitting. Just slightly. :) I have a USM. Would your set of beginner dvd's walk me through things that would be applicable to my machine? And if I graduate, what machine do you suggest that I could grow into later?

  3. The USM is quite different to use from the various Japanese machines that I usually use for teaching. I did write a book for it called "The Goldilocks Challenge," and that book has a lot of small, nice projects that can be done on the USM. They are in the book in order of difficulty with beginners in mind.

    The Beginner Course is very applicable, but there are some things that are done differently on the USM.

    I am a big fan of Silver Reed and Brother machines. Most of my demonstrations are on Brother machines.

  4. Very much looking forward to this slipper pattern - please let us know when it is available

  5. You needed to ask? Yes indeed I would love to have a book of your latest slipper pattern. Put me on the list to purchase one asap....

    1. I was just wondering if you might consider, as well as a book, offering the slipper pattern/information in PDF format. I would be very happy to receive the slipper pattern and information in PDF format. I would pay the book pricing but would have it quicker and avoid waiting for it in the mail. I really don't mind printing off the instructions etc.

      Can you tell I'm really anxious to get knitting these slippers????

  6. Please count me in. Looking forward to it. They're beautiful Diana. Many thanks for all you do.


  7. I've made several pairs of your double-lined bulky slippers, and I like them, but these are nice for a different look. I'd buy the book, if you made one.

  8. I love them! Can't wait till you make the pattern available to us!

  9. As always Diana you are an inspiration to us all and I looking forward to your book. I enjoy watching your demonstrations as you explain in an easy going manner. I also like the fact that you show that it is possible to make lovely looking items without the need to buy expensive yarns.