Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Updates

I haven't posted in a few days.  I've been coming home each evening and working on the slipper pattern.  I finally have some very good samples and the beginnings of size charts.  I'm feeling a little time pressure on it, since we need good patterns for the upcoming "knit in" for our soldiers. 

Knit Club is tomorrow at Barbara's house in Leander.  Knit Natters is going to take a new direction.  Beginning next January, we're moving our meetings to a local library where we will have more space (but we'll have to lug machines to the library).  We're also going to elect officers and redistribute some of the workload, hopefully away from Barbara.

I don't know what my role will be.  Ever since we've had the club, I've put together a great many demonstrations and patterns, and that's what I like doing best.  It's going to be interesting to listen and learn what other people want to volunteer to do, and also to listen to the discussion about the members' preferences and the club's other changes.  

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