Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scrappy Slippers

After doing the Diamonds project, I have a big basket of partial skeins of all sorts of colors, and I've been using them to make slipers.

This is a man's small in maroon, black, and gray for the lining.  The gray is probably two dye-lots, but you certainly can't tell.  The slippers are not reversible; that is, they aren't designed to turn inside out and wear the gray on the outside.  You could modify the pattern to do that, but I didn't design them that way.  I made the lining smaller than the outside, and the inside increases and joinings are fast, easy, and not intended for outside viewing,.  The only part of the lining that shows is the heel area, so if you had to use up scraps, you could make the toe end of the lining out of odd colors.

I like to knit a little every day, unless, of course, I have a free day and I can knit a lot!  I had a few evenings this week when I couldn't find time or energy to knit, though.  There's still quite a bit of work to do before the slippers are in written pattern form.


  1. Diana these turned out very nice. We all have yarn odds and ends that could be used in a project. Looking forward to your pattern.


  2. Diana, I am so impressed with your work, and I do hope you will share the pattern for these slippers when you have it worked out.