Friday, November 30, 2012

How do You Organize Christmas Work?

Ever read the Yarn Harlot blog?  It follow her, and this is an interesting post:

I understand exactly how she feels.  I am "in charge" of Christmas at our house, too.  I love Christmas and want to have a beautiful holiday, but I must buy a great many gifts and do lots of other Christmas chores.  Also, I live far from my extended family and struggle with gift decisions.  

My husband John is more than willing to help, although a few years ago, we had the following conversation:

Diana:  Whine, whine, I'm overwhelmed, there's so much to do for Christmas, and maybe I won't get everything done this year.

John:  I don't have any problems at all getting everything done for Christmas.

Diana:  (annoyed, almost speechless, croaks out)  Oh, yeah?

John:  (grin)  I get my wife to do it.

I keep a spreadsheet, too, which has an abbreviated "to do" list, plus a gift list.  My gift list is the most useful part of the spreadsheet - I have names, a place for ideas for this year, and, since I've kept this list several years, what I gave the person the last few years.

I have beaten the over-whelmed-by-Christmas blues, but not everyone can make the change I made: I started taking vacation days in the month of December and spending them doing Christmas tasks.  This uses up some vacation time, but I get so stressed by the holiday workload that I'm quite happy to make that sacrifice.

Hey, got any great tips for getting holiday workload organized and under control?


  1. People hate me for this, but I actually start my Christmas shopping in August. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around I am through. LOL

  2. Don't bite off more than you can comfortably chew. This is a beautiful season and celebrations are worldwide in many different cultures and religions. Why put undue stress on yourself and your loved ones. Know what you can do, what you can afford and what you want to do then, do it without pressure. Family and friends will understand if you change the way you have done things to a new way of doing things. Spending time with loved ones can not be replaced and is truly the best gift for anyone. If we have just have our loved ones around us we are blessed.

  3. We do most of our Christmas shopping on Black Friday. It is VERY stressful, but it gets all the stress over in one day.